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If flood waters or plumbing leaks have recently invaded your Austin home, the last thing you want to want to worry about is mold growth. However, if you or one of your family members is experiencing mold exposure symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, frequent sore throats, or rashes, then you cannot wait any longer to get to the bottom of the problem. In Texas, mold remediation is regulated by law which is why mold inspections are best conducted by licensed mold consultants, such as Restoration Royale’s, who will perform mold testing, write up a comprehensive damage report, identify the source of the problem, and devise a written plan on how remediation may be safely and legally accomplished. Once the cleanup is complete, we conduct post-remediation inspection and testing to verify all molds were carefully removed.

When Do You Need Mold Inspection Services in Texas?

Some molds are easy to identify, such as discolored spotting on walls, irregular subsurface staining, or black spotting, but house mold can quickly infiltrate deep into walls, infrastructure, and spread throughout your home by air or surface, potentially causing serious health issues for you and your family. Only a certified mold restoration professional can determine how wide or deep the infestation has penetrated your home. At Restoration Royale, we equip our skilled technicians with industry-leading training and tools necessary to provide comprehensive mold inspections, mold removal services, and post-removal remediation, including cosmetic and structural repairs, where appropriate. We are Austin’s number one choice for mold inspection and remediation services because we take the safety of your home as seriously as we do our own. You can protect your family from the threat of toxic black mold symptoms when you work with Restoration Royale!

Restoration Royale always provides the following for mold inspections:

  • Expert at your door: Once you alert our team of a potential mold threat, we will head out to your property for a complete mold inspection.
  • Professionalism: Not only are we industry leaders when it comes to techniques and satisfaction, but our contractors are all trustworthy and background checked.
  • No expense spared: We supply our team with the very best training coupled with the highest quality tools to get the job done right!
  • Warranty: Restoration Royale's service is backed by a warranty.
  • Emergency Response: Rain or shine, we will be available for your emergencies when they happen. Life is full of unexpected events, we are here to fix some of them.

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