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Once flood waters have entered our homes, whether from a busted pipe or from outside, we know what comes next: the inevitable growth of dangerous mold and bacteria, if not adequately dealt with. Whether you have visibly noticed mold or are looking for a professional inspection, Restoration Royale’s certified experts have industry-leading tools, resources, and training on how to provide the most comprehensive mold inspection, removal, and remediation services to control mold problems and alleviate safety concerns. We are a BBB-accredited company because we stop nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction that is backed up by our lifetime guarantee.

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Preventing growth and spread of mold starts with knowing how to avoid long-term dampness. A professional mold inspection will determine the presence and type of mold that may be growing in your home. The challenge is that it’s common for mold to grow in small, damp spaces like attics, walls, basements, and crawlspaces. If our experts detect mold, they will be ready to work quickly to form a remediation plan for you and can be prepared to begin the mold restoration process immediately, to ensure that your home is prepared for you and your family. 

Mold is tricky to isolate, remove, and safely dispose of, which is why hiring a local expert is critical to ensuring your job gets done right the first time. The first step is proper containment. When removing mold spores become disturbed and can go airborne, spreading the contamination. As mold removal experts, we know this can be the first of many challenges when your home has been flooded. If you have mold exposure symptoms such as frequent asthma attacks, increased allergies, or irritation in your nose, throat or lungs, it’s essential to start the mold remediation process as quickly as possible. By handling it as professionally as possible, you can prevent long term damages. These symptoms could indicate that your home has mold spores in a significant concentration, which are allergens in their own right. When you choose Restoration Royale, you can put your mind at ease knowing you are getting:

  • Professional Mold Remediation Trust in your Austin local industry-certified mold remediation experts.
  • Mold Remediation Techniques Restoration Royale uses the leading technology in mold remediation tools and techniques to return your home to a safe, comfortable condition.
  • Promised Protection—Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is backed by a lifetime warranty on all of our mold remediation services.
  • Dedicated On-Demand Team of Experts: Restoration Royale offers 24/7/365 Emergency in-home mold remediation service, whether unexpected flooding has made its way through your front door or a sudden onset of allergy symptoms have presented themselves, our experts will be at your home reliably fast, day or night, to provide immediate water mitigation services and begin water remediation

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If you have to think about answering a question about needing mold remediation services, then you need to contact Restoration Royale for a free inspection. Our team members will be happy to have a phone consultation or come out for an on-site inspection at no charge. 

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